Useful Links for Town of Sumner

For anyone and everyone
Also check up on the latest in recycling – no more computers in land fills
For people in the Lake side communities
Closest local cities and what’s going on
For hunters, fishers and other outdoor enthusiasts

Check out the DNR with information on hunting, fishing, boating, snowmobiling.

For general information about Towns and the latest in legislation affecting Towns and you.
For home repair

Does your home need repairs? Would you like to purchase a home? USDA Rural Development has funding available

to purchase and repair homes in eligible rural communities. Interest rates range between 1-3.25%. Grants for repairs are also available to income eligible households over the age of 62. For more information, contact USDA Rural Development at 715-345-7611. Additional information is also available at

USDA Rural Development is an equal opportunity provider, lender and employer.