Notice of Board of Canvass – Election of 04-07-2020

Town of Sumner
N1525 Church St, Edgerton, WI 53534
Phone/Fax 608-884-7925

Local Board of Canvassers shall meet April 13th 2020 @ 3 p.m. followed by Municipal Board of Canvass after 4 p.m.
N1525 Church Street, Edgerton, Wi 53534

1. Local Board of Canvassers
a. Completion of Election Night Procedures:

  • Reconcile the ballots to the poll book and vote counting.
  • Finalize late-arriving absentee ballot processing,
  • Final reconciling of the poll book,
  • Completion of all paperwork
  • Creating results tapes shall be generated after 4 p.m. from voting equipment, vote counting and unofficial results reporting. These are tasks which are usually completed by the election inspectors on election night in their role as Local Board of Canvassers

b. Municipal Board of Canvass

• Certify Election Results

In accordance with Wis. Stats. § 7.51, 7.52 and 7.53(m), and pursuant to the order of the United States District Court Judge William M. Conley dated April 2, 2020, the Town of Sumner Local Board of Canvassers will convene on the date April 13th , 2020 at the time indicated above to canvass the April 7, 2020 Presidential Preference and Spring Election absentee ballots and conduct the Municipal canvass if required.

Consistent with the Town of Sumner Press Release Declaring Emergency on March 19, 2020, Proclamation by the Town of Sumner Board dated 03-18-2020 and Resolution number 2020-0319 enforcement of a maximum of 10 (ten) individual within the Town Hall at any given time and Social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet shall be enforced.

If you are disabled and need assistance, please call 608-884-7925 before this meeting to make arrangements for reasonable accommodations.